Personal Taxation

Income Tax in France

Income tax in France is a complex area in itself and is further complicated by the rules applicable to the double taxation agreements that France has with other countries. Our experience and understanding of these tax rules means that we can help you so that you do not miss out on credits or end up paying more than is otherwise due. Tax planning is necessary in any country, and this is particularly true for France!

Our approach is to make a careful assessment of your residence status, earnings and capital net worth, provide you with a comprehensive overview of French taxes and project your eventual tax liabilities for:

  • Impôt Sur Le Revenu (Income Tax)
  • Prélévements Sociaux (another income tax generally levied against capital based earnings, such as dividends and interest, and is not to be confused with social security, as this tax does not entitle one to French health coverage.)
  • Impôt de Solidarité sur la Fortune (wealth or capital tax).

We also assist clients deal with problems like claims for back tax, the recovery of allowances or tax credits, the correction of errors in assessment, double taxation issues, tax office controls or their demands for information. Get in touch to find out more.